Aqua Ultraviolet 40 Watt Mercury UV Quartz Lamp 33"

Aqua Ultraviolet

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The Aqua UV Clarifier is an excellent addition to your koi pond or water garden's filtration system. Using ultraviolet light, it gets rid of cellular algae. It is exceptionally effective against green water algae, clearing water in about five days and sometimes overnight!

Aqua Ultraviolet 40 Watt Mercury UV Quartz Replacement Lamp 33"

  • Easy twist cap for easy quartz sleeve maintenance just one cap to twist for access to the quartz sleeve.
  • Quick release tees for easy installation and winterization.
  • Lamp is positioned in the housing for maximum UV effectiveness.
  • Slender housing design allows for higher UV dosage.
  • The unit is designed for maximum flow rates.
  • Easy to remove remote power supply.
  • Designed for indoor or outdoor use.
  • 33-1/2" long

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