Aqueon Overflow Accessory Kit


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The Hang-on Overflow Box is for use in aquariums that would benefit from sump filtration but lack pre-drilled holes for the sump intake and return. The simple-to-install kit Overflow Accessory Kit contains bulkhead fittings, adjustable drainpipe, return pipe with dual flexible nozzle and straight barb fittings. Fits MegaFlow and Corner Overflow aquarium systems.

  • How it works:
    • 1. Water flows in from the bottom, middle and top inlets and spills over inner wall of overflow into reservoir.
    • 2. Unfiltered water passes through drain pipe and out of aquarium to main filter system.
    • 3. Filtered water is pumped back into aquarium.
  • Overflow Accessory Kit Contents:
    • Adjustable Drainpipe
    • Nozzle
    • Dual Nozzle
    • Return Pipe
    • 3/4" Elbow
    • 1" Bulkhead
    • 3/4" Universal
    • 3/4" Bulkhead
    • Air Intake Elbow
    • 90° Elbow
    • Drainpipe Base
    • Strainer
    • Bulkhead Wrench

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