Aspen Pet Multi-Color 2-Knot Rope Bone - (3 Sizes)

Aspen Pet

$2.29 $3.99
SKU: 291124

The multi-colored Booda® Rope Bones can be used for interactive play or as solo dog chews. These rope bones are a fun and easy way to floss your dog’s gums and help prevent dental disease. As versatile as it is durable, this high-quality rope toy is perfectly suited for a game of tug, toss-and-fetch, or solo chew time to help prevent boredom or anxiety and keep your furry friend from getting into mischief. They feature machine washable, tightly twisted cotton for long-lasting durability and are available in two or three knot designs in a variety of sizes.

  • Help prevent dental disease
  • Versatile toy is ideally suited for both interactive play like tug and fetch or solo chewing fun by himself.
  • Machine washable
  • Soft, cotton-blend twisted rope is machine washable for long-lasting durability.
  • Can be used as a solo or interactive toy

As with any pet toy, always supervise your pet while playing. Ships in a variety of random and fun colors!

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