Cobalt Discus Hans Flake 16 oz


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Cobalt Discus flake is a powerful blend that has been co-developed with the renowned discus expert Discus Hans. A mix of liver, krill, spirulina, earthworm, garlic and high quality salmon meal is designed to keep discus in top condition and color. In addition, each formula also includes the signature Cobalt BLUE flake that is super-packed with immunostimulants and a triple- vitamin boost which help the fish fight off disease and helps keep it in top shape and color. In addition, Cobalt flakes are packed with Probiotics in the form of Bacillus sp. bacteria that support a healthy digestive system. The scientific advancements of probiotics and vitamins, coupled together with a solid nutritional base, makes Cobalt flake foods the most advanced nutrition available! Will not cloud water. Less waste for a cleaner aquarium!.

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