Coralife Marine Filter with Protein Skimmer - 30 gal


$35.29 $48.99
SKU: 159148

All-in-one Filter And Protein Skimmer is Ideal For Consumers Stepping Into The Saltwater Hobby For The First Time. Coralife Marine filter can help you maintain a beautiful crystal clear underwater viewing experience. Keeping your aquarium water clear and clean is one of the best things you can do for the health and well being of your fish, corals and live plants.

  • Adjustable Air Flow Controls Microbubble Volume
  • Needle Wheel Impeller Optimizes Skimming
  • Multiple filtration layers for diminished microbubble entry into aquarium
  • Reduced maintenance with optimally designed skimming collection cup
  • Skimming not affected by water level fluctuations.
  • Adjustable airflow controls volume of microbubbles

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