Fluker's Under Tank Heater 6X11" Small Heat Mat

Fluker's Farm

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Fluker's Premium Heat Mat is safe for all reptiles and amphibians and easy to use. Its durable construction provides uniform and evenly distributes heat. This product operates at a constant 100 degrees Fahrenheit and may be used inside or outside terrariums.

Give your pet the extra heat it needs. Fluker's Heat Mat's durable construction provides uniform, evenly distributed heat. Easy to use and safe for all reptiles and amphibians. For use outside your pet's enclosure. Can be mounted under or on side of your pet's enclosure. **If mounted below enclosure, make sure there is only a thin layer of substrate in tank and there is proper ventilation to prevent heat buildup which can damage your enclosure or create a fire hazard. Side mounting is recommended for enclosures with no bottom ventiliation and/or thick or heavy substrate.**

Small - (6" x 11" mat) 7 Watts - 10-20 gallon

When using Fluker's Premium Heat Mat, be sure to follow these basic safety precautions:

  • Read ALL instructions BEFORE using your Heat Mat
  • To protect against electrical hazards, DO NOT immerse cords, plug or heater itself inwater or any other liquid
  • Close supervision is necessary when using heater by or near children
  • ALWAYS unplug from electrical outlet when heater is not in use
  • DO NOT operate your Heat Mat if cord or plug has been damaged or if the heater itself malfunctions or becomes damaged in any way. Return all malfunctioning appliances to the maufacturer for examination
  • DO NOT use the Heat Matt for anything other than intended use
  • DO NOT use pins or other metallic objects to fasten the pad of the heater in place
  • DO NOT place on tanks with cracked or broken surfaces
  •     **Save all instructions for your reference

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