PetSafe Simply Clean Automatic Litter Box System


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You and your cat can enjoy having a litter box that’s always clean. The PetSafe® Simply Clean Litter Box System is an innovative, self-cleaning litter box that cleans continuously and automatically. Its quiet, slow-moving conveyor system constantly sifts the litter and removes waste, making one full rotation every hour. All you need is clumping cat litter and recycled plastic bags for a fast, affordable cleanup. Cats up to 15 pounds can easily fit in the Simply Clean Litter Box, and it's also great for multi-cat homes.

-Minimal scooping necessary
-Quiet and simple to use
-Continuously cleans without disturbing your cat
-Bowl moves one complete rotation in an hour
-Reduces foul odor and odor-causing bacteria
-Uses clumping litter and recycled plastic bags (not included)
-6-foot cord plugs into standard wall outlet
-Low power consumption
-For cats up to 15 pounds
-For indoor use only

-Litter box with bowl, conveyor, & waste bin
-Litter bowl guard
-Low-voltage AC adapter with 6-foot cord
-Product manual


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