Sojos Goat Complete Dog Food Mix


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Vito MileoMay 9 at 12:16pm
Sojos combines the nutrition and taste of fresh, raw food—with the convenience and affordability of kibble. In short, it’s raw made easy. And yet grain-free Sojos Complete is surprisingly affordable. In fact, an 8 lb. bag rehydrates to more than 40 lbs. of nutritious, fresh food. And because Sojos’ gentle freeze-drying process never exceeds 115°, all the natural enzymes in raw meat are carefully protected. Said another way, none of the natural goodness is cooked out. Just pour Sojos Complete into a bowl, add water, and magic happens. Within minutes the 100% natural ingredients spring back to life with the flavors, textures and abundant nutrition possible only with real, raw food.

-Gently freeze-dried, raw meat is the number one ingredient in Sojos Complete.
-No genetically-engineered ingredients, fillers, preservatives or artificial colors.
-Even the added vitamins and minerals in Sojos are all-natural.


goat, yellow split peas, celery, cranberries, coconut, parsnips, flax seeds, whole egg, dried goat whey, dried alfalfa, tricalcium phosphate, dried kelp, kale, ginger root, zinc sulfate, vitamin E acetate, vitamin D3 supplement

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