Sporn Aquatic Creations Yellow Sinularia Coral Glow-In-The-Dark (2 Sizes)


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Sporn Sinularia Coral Aquarium Decoration features a super flexible silicone construction that sways and moves in aquarium water current. Create a fantastic aquarium landscape full of movement and fun, vibrant coloration. Place it under actinic blue aquarium lighting or black light and watch it fluoresce a bright coloration for amazing nighttime enjoyment of your aquarium. Weighted resin rock base allows drift-free placement. Made of fish-safe materials and colors, this is the perfect accessory for any freshwater or saltwater aquarium, fish tank, bowls and terrarium. 

Product Dimensions: 
Available in two sizes:
Small: 6" x 3" x 5" H (approximate)
Large: 6" x 4" x 13" H (approximate)

1) Provides hiding spots for your fish to allevate stress
2) Gives your fish tank a realistic look enhancing your viewing pleasure
3) Compatible with saltwater aquariums or freshwater tanks
4) Minimum responsibility and maintenance
5) Easy to set up – no lights or fertilizers needed
6) Safe fish aquarium decoration made for use in glass or acrylic aquariums

  • Realistic coral replica adds vibrant texture to your aquarium
  • Eye-catching Sinularia leather coral replica adds vibrant texture to your aquarium
  • Flexible aquarium ornament gently moves & sways in water current
  • Display under actinic blue aquarium light & it fluoresces with bright, glowing color
  • Offers the appealing look of the real thing, without the fussy care
  • Ideal for aquascaping the middle depths of your aquarium
    Each decoration colors and details may differ slightly. The images provided are a close representation of the artistic décor. For a truly eye-catching display, design a spectacular freshwater aquarium landscape using an assortment of plants, corals, and underwater decor.

    Aquatic Creations aquarium decor adds instant beauty to your aquarium with its realistic, stunning look. As fish tank owner, you might want to increase the visual appeal of the aquarium, and this decor is exactly what you are looking for. It enables the fish tank to have a realistic appeal and is versatile enough to complement any theme decoration. It provides your fish tank with a realistic underwater presentation, enhancing your aquarium viewing experience. Perfect to add a splash of color to any aquarium and make the perfect hideaway for your fish.

    Aquarium decorations do not merely serve the purpose of a decor item. They are important for your fish too! Fish usually hide in the corals, plants & ruins in their natural habitat. While in a fish tank this aquarium decoration provides the needed cover to replicate their natural environment. You can use them for other creatures as well – Livebearers, Cichlids, catfish Eels, frogs, snakes, crayfish, snails, turtles or crabs.

    Aquatic Creations designers are professional aquarists and hobbyists, collectively having over 50 years experience Fish and Reef keeping with aquarium products used for saltwater fish, freshwater fish, tropical corals, reef systems, and ponds in both home and business environments. Our unique collection of aquarium decorations will bring years of enjoyment and viewing enhancement to your tank!

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