Ultra Pet Litter Pearls Trackless Cat Litter

Ultra Pet

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The Tracksless form of the silica gel litter introduced to North America over a decade ago. Tracksless Litter Pearls are irregularly shaped so they won't roll across the floor if they get out of the litter box. Tracksless Litter Pearls are made from high quality ingredients that deliver superior results. Tracksless Litter Pearl offer superior absorption and odor control. Each silica gel crystal is able to absorb its weight in urine. The silica gel will then let the moisture evaporate while trapping the odor controlling substances inside the crystals.

Keeping the litter box odor free for a month is as simple as daily removal of solid waste from the litter box and a few moments spent stirring and raking the silica to turn the crystals so those on the bottom are brought to the top to allow evaporation. Please ask your favorite pet store to stock Tracksless Litter Pearls for a silica gel cat friendly litter that offers superior odor control.

Tracksless Litter Pearls have a Surface Area with 1000's of Mini-Channels for Liquid Absorption
Maximum Odor Control
Easy to Maintain
99% Dust Free
Irregular shaped for low tracking
Cat Friendly – Cat Safe
Efficient – Economical – Effective
70% Less Landfill Contribution than Clay Litters


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