Zilla Jump-Start Caloric Supplement & Appetite Stimulant

Zilla Rules

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Jump-Start was created to address the variety of reasons a reptile's normal eating pattern may be disrupted: from breeding, illness and not eating properly to everyday sluggishness.

  • Helps restart an animal's normal eating pattern that has been disrupted
  • Delivers a healthy, concentrated dose of calories and vitamins
  • Provides an energy boost
  • Resealable tube and syringe are included

Jump-Start can be used on any reptile provided there is access to clean water to help wash down the supplement after it has been administered. For feeding, squeeze the desired amount into the included syringe. Gently slide the syringe tip into the reptile's mouth and squeeze a small amount of the Jump-Start into the mouth cavity. Use extreme care not to force Jump-Start or water inot the reptile's throat or windpipe. Coax the reptile to swallow by massaging the throat area with the fingers. Once animal is feeding on it's own, discontinue use of Jump-Start supplement. 

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