Zoo Med Reptisun LED Hood

Zoo Med

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Energy efficient LED Terrarium lighting with a low profile design! Unique modular design allows for replacing or swapping out LED panels. These hoods feature adjustable rails allowing them to fit a variety of tank sizes. The hood can also be suspended using the included stainless steel aircraft cable suspension kit. Provide bright, beautiful light for your reptile or amphibian while promoting your animal’s natural behaviors and terrarium plant growth.

  • Brilliant Light! 6500K daylight high output LEDs for truly naturalistic lighting.
  • 620 nm Red LEDs stimulate live plant growth.
  • 20,000 hour life range!
  • 465 nm Blue LED simulates nighttime lighting “Lunar Effect”.

NOTE: Does NOT provide UVB or significant heat!
For species that need UVB, use in combination with UVB Lamp, or check out ReptiSun® LED UVB Terrarium Hoods.


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