Zoo Med Hermit Crab Heater

Zoo Med

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SKU: 976008

A 4 watt adhesive heater that is UL approved for plastic “keeper” type cages. Raises the ambient temperature in small terrariums about five degrees.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Where do I put the Under Tank Heater?
A: The Under Tank Heater can be placed underneath the tank or on the side of the tank depending on your set up. If you choose to place the heater on the underside of the tank, be sure to elevate the tank slightly using the included “bump-on feet” or another method to prevent heat encapsulation. Please be sure to read the instructions carefully.

Q: How much will the Under Tank Heater heat my tank?
A: Depending on the mounting, substrate, and other conditions the U.T.H. can bring the temperature up by 2-8 degrees.

Q: Can I use the rheostat/thermostat with Reptitherm Under Tank Heater?
A: Yes! We recommend using a rheostat or thermostat if your home reaches 80 degrees or warmer.

Q: Can I place it on Plastic?
A: Yes! If applied correctly it can safely be placed on plastic.

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