Aqueon LED Lamp Day White


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Aqueon Modular LED Aquarium Lights are meant for use with glass tops that rest above the aquarium top. The LED lamps maintain their brightness and color over time while using 70% less energy than T8 fluorescent lamps. Each LED lamp is easy to install and simply “snaps” into the appropriate size Aqueon Modular LED or LED Strip light.

  • Lamps fit into any of the Aqueon LED light fixtures, strips or hoods with interchangeable LED lamps
  • Day White LED: all-purpose white light for crisp, bright illumination
  • Colormax LED: mix of white/red LEDs that boosts the appearance of natural colors
  • Max Blue LED: deep sea illumination that intensifies the fluorescing effect of fish and corals
  • Beauty Max LED: combination of red/green/blue LEDs that enhance fish, plants and décor

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