Coralife Pure Flo II Reverse Osmosis Float Valve


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SKU: 158299

The Coralife replacement float valve controls water production in reservoir tanks. It is compatible with the Pure-Flo II and Pure-Flo III Reverse Osmosis water purification systems.

Pure Flo II R/O Float Valve is part of the Coralife Pure Flo II Reverse Osmosis System. R/O systems are truly sophisticated water filtration systems and for professional installation you would want to include a float valve within the installation.

This addition will allow you to filter your tap water without having to be there to shut the system off as soon as your filtered water reservoir is full. The float valve will *automate this step for you (*note – float valves should be examined regularly to ensure they are working correctly, mixing salt around these units may result in hard-water deposits that will impair the solenoid).

Once the float valve eliminates water flow into your full reservoir, the water coming into your system from your tap will redirect through your wastewater line into your drain. To reduce this wastewater, an auto shutoff valve can be added on the front side of this system that will register the increased resistance created by the float valve shutting off and turn off all water going into the system until the water in your reservoir is drained.

These additions will help ensure readily available purified water for your aquarium needs.

  • Eliminates water flow once your reservoir is full
  • Use as part of the Coralife Pure Flo II Reverse Osmosis System
  • For freshwater, marine, and reef applications


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