Fluker's Loose Coconut Bedding (2 Sizes)

Fluker's Farm

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Loose Coconut Fiber Bedding is an ideal bedding for maintaining a tropical habitat's proper humidity and it absorbs moisture with little decay. Perfect for frogs, toads, tortoises, box turtles, and other terrestrial turtles, forest dwelling lizards and snakes, and all types of invertebrates.

Loose Coconut Fiber Bedding is also a good medium for egg laying and incubation. It is made from coconut husks and can be safely composted in your garden or potted plant.

  •     Available in 5 qt. and 10 qt.   
  •     Ideal substrate for naturalistic terrariums
  •     Maintains tropical habitat's proper humidity
  •     Naturally absorbs and breaks down odor and water products
  •     Ideal medium for egg laying and incubation
  •     100% organic and can be safely composted

Pour Loose Coconut Fiber Bedding into the enclosure to the desired depth.

For burrowing species, use at least 4 inches of substrate, or 1.5 to 2 times the height of your animal, whichever is greater.

For tropical habitats, keep the substrate lightly damp by misting it daily or several times a week to maintain the humidity.

For a drier habitat, keep the substrate relatively dry. (Always use Fluker's thermometers and hygrometers to track the temperature and humidity of your enclosure.)

Spot clean as needed. We recommend changing 100% every 6 months at a minimum depending on the number and size of your animals. If a foul odor persists, replace all of the substrate.

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