Fluker's Premium Tropical Cypress (2 Sizes)

Fluker's Farm

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Fluker’s premium cypress bedding is designed for tropical terrariums. Our twice milled cypress resists mold and decay and is Breeder tested and recommended. Ideal for Frogs, snakes, lizards and other reptiles.
  •     Available in 5 qt. and 10 qt. 
  •     For all terrariums  
  •     Breeder recommended
  •     Premium Tropical cypress

Pour Premium Tropical Cypress Bedding into the enclosure to the desired depth.

For burrowing species, use at least 4 inches of substrate, or 1.5 to 2 times the height of your animal, whichever is greater.

For tropical habitats, keep the substrate lightly damp by misting it daily or several times a week to maintain the humidity.

For a drier habitat, keep the substrate relatively dry. (Always use Fluker's thermometers and hygrometers to track the temperature and humidity of your enclosure.)

Spot clean as needed. We recommend changing 100% every 6 months at a minimum depending on the number and size of your animals. If a foul odor persists, replace all of the substrate.

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