Marineland Advanced LED Strip Light


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* LED strip light emits light brighter than a single tube fluorescent aquarium fixture
* Ideal for freshwater or saltwater aquariums & low intensity plants
* Built-in digital timer automates 24-hour aquarium lighting sequence

Smart alternative to conventional single tube fluorescent light fixtures delivers brighter light output with greater savings. Marineland Advanced LED Strip Light delivers 20% brighter light output, uses less energy to operate, and is designed for reliable, long-term performance. Energy-efficient strip light boasts outstanding 5-year lifetime hours and eliminates added cost of yearly aquarium bulb replacements. Marineland Advanced LED Strip Light is a great choice for freshwater aquariums, freshwater low-intensity planted aquariums, and marine fish aquariums.

Marineland Advanced LED Strip Light provides the ultimate opportunity to create a realistic underwater home-aquarium environment. Easy-to-operate built-in digital timer provides maximum control over 7500°K white daylight LEDs and 460nm Actinic/Blue LEDs for custom 24-hour lighting sequences. Enjoy aquarium interiors beautifully illuminated with clean, crisp light and shimmering light effects that simulate sunlight dancing underwater during the day and breathtaking nighttime views that replicates wonderful moonlit conditions at night.

Sleek, ultrathin Marineland LED Strip Light features a built-in digital timer preprogrammed for use right out of the box, 6 ft low-voltage power cord and adjustable mounting legs that accommodate a variety of aquarium sizes. 1 watt LEDs. Aluminum lighting housing.


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