Marineland Auto Color Changing LED Bubble Wand, 20"


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Breathe new life into larger aquariums with dramatic LED light effects and shimmering bubbles. Marineland Color-Changing LED Bubble Wand is the 2-in-1 accessory that revitalizes humdrum aquariums. 16 energy-efficient LEDs automatically cycle through hundreds of colors for striking light effects in freshwater or marine aquariums. Built=in airstone inside the bubble wand creates a curtain of air bubbles that improves aquarium water circulation and oxygenation. Fully submersible LED bubble wand installs easily with included repositionable suction cups. Low-voltage UL listed adapter boasts low-energy consumption and features an ON/OFF switch for the LED lights. 10 ft long power cord. Color-Changing LED Bubble Wand measures 20" x 1.125" x 1.31" high and is great for aquariums 24" or larger. Use 2 LED Bubble Wands in 48" long aquariums. This LED works best as an accent in freshwater or marine aquariums.

* 20" LED Bubble Wand adds dramatic bubbles and light effects
* Accentuate aquariums 24" and larger with eye-catching décor
* Beautiful curtain of bubbles improve aquarium oxygenation

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