ZooMed Reef Sun 50/50 Actinic & Daylight 36" T8 25W

Zoo Med

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* Standard T-8 (1" dia) lamp for fluorescent aquarium light fixtures
* Illuminates aquariums with 6500K daylight & 420nm actinic light
* Supports photosynthetic corals while enhancing aquarium views


Watts Length Diameter
15 18" T-8
17 24" T-8
25 36" T-8
32 48" T-8

Reef Sun fluorescent lamps feature a 50/50 combination of 6500°K trichromatic daylight phosphor and actinic 420 phosphor. The result is high-intensity, full spectrum illumination PLUS blue actinic light essential for photosynthetic corals and invertebrates. Multipurpose lamp great for for all marine aquariums, reef aquariums, African cichlids, and discus fish.

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