Marineland LED Aquarium Hood


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The Marineland LED Aquarium Hood contains long lasting, energy efficient LEDs that mimic the natural effect of sunlight with its shimmering light. This sleek hood is hinged for simple maintenance, has a feeding door for easy access, a removable clear lens for protection and free space in the back for accessories, such as filters or heaters. The LED hood contains a three-mode switch that allows either, daylight (white and blue LEDs on), nightlight (only blue LEDs on), or all LEDs off. Includes clips to securely attach the hood to the aquarium frame.

Size Number of LEDs Watts per LED Total Watts per Fixture Total Lux Total Lumens at 12" Aquarium Size Dimensions
20"x10" 22 White/2 Blue .11 2.42 460 165 10, 16, 20 X-High 20.5"x10.25"x3.625"

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