Marineland LED Bubble Wand 6 LED 8.5" Blue


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The 6 LED Bubble Curtain illuminates and aerates, while it fascinates! This exciting aeration display includes 6 LED lights to brighten up a curtain of air. A built-in air stone means it benefits your fish while looking great!

  • LED Bubble Wand measures 1” Wide x 8.5” Long
  • Includes air stone, suction cups and a 10 ft. cord
  • Includes 6 LED lights to brighten up a curtain of air

Installation Instructions:
- Verify all components. Make sure the airstone in securely in place.
- Attach airline tubing (#33956 sold separately) to air inlet on the LED Bubble Wand.
- Connect airline tubing to your air pump.
- Connect power cord to transformer.
- Position the LED Bubble Wand in your aquarium.
- Secure LED Bubble Wand with included suction cups.
- Connect the transformer and air pumps to any standard wall electrical outlet.
** Remember to first fashion a drip loop.

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