Marineland LED System Accent Lighting Blue 17"


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  • Features 460nm Blue LEDs for coral accenting and growth and augments existing aquarium lighting
  • Flexible mounting options include exclusive in frame option, for the ultimate aquarium experience
  • 17 inch length
  • Directional dial to position the LEDs
  • Single 3 way switch with included cord routing

Marineland's latest innovation brings the light to the inside of your aquarium. Exclusive in-frame mounting allows you to see the light without seeing the fixture and integrated cord routing helps to complete the illusion. The directional adjustment dial gives you the ability to shine the light where you want it. All are fully submersible and come with suction cups to give you endless possibilities on how to use these systems. Now all of the functionality of our new Hidden LED fixture offered in 460nm blue accent lighting. Perfect for adding additional light to show off your aquatic plants, corals or amazing fish. Now you can accent the inside of your aquarium without adding clutter to the outside.

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